What is Health & Safety
1. Intro – why is this important?
This is important because an employer would not want any harm to their employees. If their employees were in danger then the HSE could shut their work place down. Also if their employee was sick because of a work problem, the company could be held liable.

2. Health related issues
Any type of progressive harm. E.g. RSI, spinal problems etc.
3. Safety related issues
Any type of immediate harm. E.g. tripping over a wire, etc.

The Role of

1. Health & Safety Executive
• The HSE stands for Health and Safety Executive.
• They are an independent regulator and act in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury across Great Britain’s workplaces. HSE provides safety for employees (mainly for work places)
The HSE’s mission is:
“The prevention of death, injury and ill health to those at work and those affected by work activities”

The HSE’s main statutory duties are to:
•propose and set necessary standards for health and safety performance;
•secure compliance with those standards;
•carry out research and publish the results and provide an information and advisory service;
•provide a Minister of the Crown on request with information and expert advice.

2. Unions – TUC
The Trades Union Congress:
•brings Britain’s unions together to draw up common policies.
•lobbies the Government to implement policies that will benefit people at work.
•campaigns on economic and social issues.
•represents working people on public bodies.
•represents British workers in international bodies, in the European Union and at the UN employment body - the International Labour Organisation.
•carries out research on employment-related issues.
•runs an extensive training and education programme for union representatives.
•helps unions develop new services for their members.
•helps unions avoid clashes with each other.
•builds links with other trade union bodies worldwide.

Who is responsible?

1. Employer
The employer’s role is to provide enough and sufficient training to their employee because if they don’t then they can be held liable for any problems that may occur to the employee, health wise. They should also keep the office cluster free and make sure there is not anything that may threat the employee, e.g. loose wires.

2. Employee
It is the employee’s job to enforce the training provided in order to avoid any unwanted problems, which may be progressive (health). And they should help keep the workspace clear, to help the employer have no safety issues.


Files -

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c. Computers & Stress
d. Eye Strain
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