IT & Medicine

Uses of IT in the medical practice

1.       Scanners & X-ray

Scanners and x rays are controlled by a doctor through a computer. The computer handles the inputs entered by the doctor and then it outputs the commands to the machine at hand, whether it be an x ray machine or a scanner of some sorts.


2.       Diagnosis – expert system

This is when all the reports from various accounts (scanners etc.) are bundled up an expert system, on a computer, produces a diagnosis report.


3.       Monitoring

When being monitored at a hospital, there are various computers connected measuring different aspects of your body, such as heart rate, sugar levels etc.

4.       Communication
When your teachers were growing up, if they wanted to get in touch with somebody the only methods availble to them were going to see the person, making a telephone call or writing a letter. Today you are spoilt for choice. Technology has made available many new communication methods such as email, fax, video conferencing and instant messaging. This growth in communications technology has also revolutionised the way that businesses work and keep in touch with staff and customers.



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