1. Why do we use presentations

We use presentation to inform people on a subject you intend to show to them. Presentations are used worldwide because it is a successful way in which you are easily capable to inform the nation easily, while you do the talking. They can be used for instructions, suppose you are asked to inform the rest of your work squad the new rules in the company, presentation make it easier because all the main new rules will be on the screen, which the employees can read.

2. What can we include and what should not be included

a. Text - amount & relevance
You should have a couple of bullet points of main points/rules you would like to express, maybe a small explanation beneath them, not longer than a sentence though. You want to add most of the information into the speaker notes, so you can talk about the main points on the screen.

b. Graphics - types & relevance
You should try and keep the graphics simplistic because if you have say, an optical illusion background, then your readers would have a hard time concentrating on the actual points in hand. If you do need to put a picture on your slide, then make sure it is fully relevant to the work you are doing, so it won’t pose as a distraction.

3. What makes a good presentation

a. Font face & size
Fonts should be readable on the screen, some examples are: Helvetica, Garamond, Gills Sans. The size should be appropriate to how much information you have.

b. Colour of text & background
The colour of text should be black, and important words should be in red or black bold. The background should be minimalist, not dark, but more like a calm very light grey, or white. But honestly it depends on what you are presenting, just don’t have any images as backgrounds.

c. Amount of text on slide
Only the main points, most important, on the main slide. Or else it gets too clustered and easily confusable.

d. Speaker’s Notes
As much as you want. Make sure the notes have striking words or else the presentation will get too boring.

e. Clear images
Clear images on the side of your main points would look clean, elegant and sophisticated.

4. How do we produce presentations

a. Hardware - PC, scanner, digital camera
We produce presentation using a PC with dedicated software. You can use a scanner to scan any words or images you may want. Also a digital camera to plug in and extract images from.

b. Software - presentation, graphics, word-processor
You use any dedicated software, e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote. You can use the internet to search for any images you might want. And a words processor to type up information to put into the presentation.


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